Elevated food for the outer spaces

Bowl & Kettle is freeze-dried food for foodies who love adventure. If you find yourself doing what you love in far out places, our meals are for you.

  • Small batch

  • Thru-hiker founded

  • Made in Texas

  • Whole Ingredients

The first steps

Before hiking the PCT in 2022, we started with a vision for what quality nutrition on an endurance journey could look like for us. What we wanted were great meals, quality ingredients, and big, bold flavors that felt like a reward after a long day on the trail. That summer, we trail-tested twelve of our initial recipe ideas and talked endlessly on the trail about what it would be like to do this for others...

More about our story
  • "The crawfish étouffée was hearty, creamy, fresh (even freeze-dried), fragrant and tasty. I can imagine ending many nights in the outdoors with this meal and a mountain sunset. 10/10 do recommend"

    –Stretch, California

  • "Can't say enough how DARN GOOD this chicken tikka masala was!! I think it was the best rehydrated meal I've ever had... 12/10 - so delish, would recommend to anyone and everyone!!"

    –Honeybuns, Colorado

  • "Bowl & Kettle meals are so rich and unique, unlike its other freeze-dried meal competitors. I can’t wait to see their future meal options!"

    –Sandals, California

Trail Beta

When do I get my hands on Bowl & Kettle?

Very soon! We are live for pre-sale orders, and we expect to start shipping orders in April. You will get a notice as soon as your order is out for shipping. If you have an extra special trip coming, please tell us about it on Instagram or email us at howdy@bowlandkettle.com, and we'll do our best to accomodate.

How are your meals made?

Great question! We prepare all of our meals in a commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas before they are frozen and then subsequently freeze-dried at the same facility. We pack ingredients in RETORT-grade bags ready for you to enjoy where ever life takes you.

Where can I buy Bowl & Kettle?

You're in the right place. We're still getting up and running, and we hope you'll find Bowl & Kettle in outfitters and near trail heads all across the U.S. Have a suggestion? Drop us an email.

Wait, wait, I have a question that is not answered on your website.

Shoot us an email! We always love to hear from folks. howdy@bowlandkettle.com